Fanning the Right Flames: Cultivating Mental Discipline

I have been dropped into fire. This is about mental discipline.

I recently finished my level one certification in Reiki. I love it. I love the balance that near-daily meditation has brought to my life and I love learning to channel this healing energy. These practices are changing me for the better. They are showing me where my weak spots are and presenting me with challenge after challenge, while also soothing my weary soul, body, and mind, and lifting my spirit immeasurably when I’m able to give Reiki to others. It is deeply satisfying for me.

This morning, I was up at 8:15. I went to the bathroom, then came upstairs and waited about 5 minutes for my partner to gather his things and leave for his workday. I sat down and began breathing.

Not three minutes later, I could hear little footsteps on the stairs. Continue reading

Start Small

So many people buy into the Go Big or Go Home approach that starting anything can be intimidating if it’s out of your daily routine, daily habit, or general comfort zone.

My very awesome reiki instructor, Paul Lara of QiBelly, is starting a video series. Here’s his first, where he addresses trust, fear, love, and daily habits in under two minutes.

Taking Your Meditation to the Streets (Part 1)


In a recent email to a friend of mine, I asked if she meditated. The pace of our lives often feels so haywire that it’s hard to keep up with the daily insanity. It’s easy to feel like we’re running on autopilot while the days slip by and it can feel like we don’t even have the power to change anything at all. I told my friend to steal 5 minutes from her morning to just sit and breathe. Just sit and follow her breath. Set the timer on her phone and sit and breathe.

It’s a way to carve out a time to be in your body. Life happens in the present moment and so often we’re somewhere else. Sitting and being in our body helps bring us back to the present moment. It is only in the present moment that change can take place. Be where your body is, as the saying goes.

5 minutes.

You can do it.

I hereby give you permission to start small.

The Backson Post

Gon Out. Backson. Bisy Backson.

I have happily spent the past long weekend doing social things with lots of different friends. I have managed to connect with people for many hours at a time every day since Friday. As such, I’m feeling pretty good but have consequently had little time to compose any new posts. And despite having ideas, the drive has been muted somehow due to full on exhaustion. You see, I’ve been spending time writing and researching when I should be sleeping. I’ve been doing this for months now because it’s the only time I’ve really had available to me without the three-ring circus soundtrack of my beautiful boys bickering, brawling, and begging for this or that. So it appears I’ve hit a bit of a wall with the sleep debt, which means that posts here will be a little less frequent than the every 3-4 days I was managing for awhile. I will be back when I’m able to make some writing time for myself.

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to Caroline Myss’s Energy Anatomy cd series and have been reading her Anatomy of the Spirit. Completely right up my alley. Will be finishing up my level one reiki certification this weekend with the fantastic Paul Lara at QiBelly. I’m totally digging this energy thing. It’s like we’re made of it or something. 😉

Time for sleep.