General Update

I went back to school this past year and finished my Master’s Degree in Medieval Studies. I got straight A’s and am overjoyed by that. I am applying this fall to the PhD program. I love school; I’ve missed its place in my life.

I have recently had an abstract accepted for a book about emotions as related to medieval/early modern France. I’m writing about grief. The paper is due early next year and I’m not yet sure when the print volume will be out, but if all goes well, I’ll be published sometime in the next year or so.

I am working on an edition of three Middle French prayers with my professor, so that will be done in the next year or so, as well.

I am meeting with a scientist tomorrow to discuss the possibility of my doing volunteer work on her research team for this next year, so that I can learn more about scientific research on topics that coincide with my modern interests of trauma and emotional expression (as opposed to my medieval interest of emotions in troubadour lyric and emotional expression in general). I am planning on attending a conference on Alzheimer’s and dementia in September.

The threads of my life are coming together, while other threads are falling away, having served their purpose. I’ve been going non-stop since last September (or last June, if you want to count when I started relearning Latin again). I do miss being able to have time to write posts to publish here. I will post as I have time. I’m certainly not lacking any inspiration! It’s been an overwhelming year filled with insights.

What is safe to care about?

I think of how protective we are of Pluto, the outpouring of emotion we saw last week and it gives me hope. But loving Pluto is safe. We have so much of our own emotional work to do.

Remember this. When you look at how much care we can put into a tiny dwarf planet and then you get mad at all the sweet babies and children starving and dying on our own planet or the sanctity of our own planet and try to reconcile that, don’t let it embitter you towards humanity. Just remember that Pluto is safe to love and to protect. And then explore why that might not be the case for things you feel really should count for a lot more than they actually seem to. Remember this when you get angry at people for caring about the “wrong things”.