Hiatus. Because Winter.

frozen buds © Angela Warner

Frozen Buds © Angela Warner

It would appear that I took an unforeseen hiatus from writing anything of substance. Winter is always hard for me. It’s not just Seasonal Affective Disorder. I turn inward during winter, am beset with introspection and analysis. Things always come up for me. I am in my head and in my feels, processing what I’ve been through in the previous months. Winter is always hard.

Last winter, I used my introspection to write a chapbook of poetry. This winter, I learned more about healing than ever I have in my life. And the grand majority of that tutelage took place on the inside. Because of the severity of the coldness this season, I became and still am a shut-in. Contending with depression, which naturally led to self-imposed imprisonment and, thus, social avoidance, I turned inward.

I am slowly peeking my head out from the snow drifts. The sun is gradually returning. My inspiration to write is beginning to flow once more from its wintry ebb.

To get things moving again, I started a tumblr version of this blog a few weeks ago. Short bits of insight and commentary along with things I would normally want to post here on this blog, in the format of what usually gets passed around on tumblr.

When I have longer articles, I’ll post them both here and there, but I’ll probably be over there mostly because it’s far easier to make quick posts over there. Go have a look! Noetic Nuance