Journeying at Home


Tonight, I used the above track for journeying at home for the first time outside of organized ritual space. It’s been a very long time since I’ve journeyed in a ritual space in someone’s home, but this past year, I’ve had the opportunity to journey 3 times. Twice with a local shaman and once, quite recently, with visiting Finnish shaman, Dalva Lammimäki. It is becoming more apparent to me that journeying is an activity I need to weave into my life more thoroughly.

The above track was not enough for tonight’s work and, just as it was ending, I was instructed to start it from the beginning as there was more work to be done. Serendipitously, the creator of that track is offering, as of yesterday, the day I discovered it, an hour-long version of the track for free. The link to that download is available on the youtube page and here. I had already downloaded it prior to beginning my journey, but I chose the 30-minute track because I had wanted a shorter experience. Hahahahaaa, I got what I needed and I needed an hour.

I won’t be posting all that I experience in my journeywork, as that’s far too personal. Some of it will leak out into poetry because the symbolic language is potent and inspiring. But there are some bits that are worth sharing in the context of regular blog writing.

During this journey, the image of a woman flashed before me. I determined that she wanted to be known as Octavia. I then thought of Octavia Butler, who bore a resemblance in name only, and, doing a google search afterwards, I came across this beautiful quote from her:


Octavia Butler



I’ve been semi-consciously working on understanding more about interpersonal relationships:  how the actions of one person affect so many, as well as how, within friendships or even just in daily life, we catalyze change for each other. We learn from each other in every single thing we do or don’t do, every single thing we say or don’t say. Our unfulfilled expectations teach us plenty, if only we observe and listen.

Another element that appeared for me during this journey was Wasp. Not WASP, but the insect, Wasp. This makes for two journeys in a row and I needn’t wait for a third appearance to light a fire under me. When I sense that an animal wants to work with me, the resource I find myself going to most frequently is Wildspeak. Ravanari, the author, has done extensive work, shamanically, in order to write out descriptions of various animal energies, as well as the art she has done to accompany many of her interpretations. I find the whole package quite stunning and compelling.

The takeaway from what she’s written about Wasp is that I could stand to have more organization and productivity within my daily life. Yes. I see this so thoroughly. So I will be doing what I can to work more with Wasp energy. I have a mental backlog of several blog posts I’ve been wanting to make, as well as piles and piles of books and articles to read through for research purposes, with topics ranging from herbalism, homeopathy, and healing to parenting to the origins of Courtly Love in the High Middle Ages and other things related to how we perceive love. I’ve also been getting nudges to create a Vision Board, which I may end up doing as a series of art journal spreads, since I don’t really have the wall space to make something big. And the results of a Vision Board lay more the act of creating and then letting go than focusing on it and consciously attempting to direct life such that the items on the Vision Board checklist are crossed off, one by one. Plus, I can work with smaller spaces more easily than with larger spaces, putting more thought and creativity into each spread.

I have ideas already, now to bring them to fruition. Intent is not simply thinking of doing something. That will never get the job done. No matter how much you intend to eat that sandwich in front of you, it will never get eaten until you pick it up and start eating it. No matter how much I intend on writing frequent blog posts, it will never happen until I sit down, begin writing, and then post what I’ve written. Intent is inextricably intertwined with action.


And now to assist with that: sleep.