Several reasons why I love Caitlin Moran

She wants people to be on a mission, believes that “the world needs constant finessing”, muses whether communism was ever given a fair chance, lays out what socialism and feminism actually are and does it all while being on the humorous side of Real.

Moran’s new book will cover not only personal experience of self-harm and nervous breakdowns, but bulimia and ‘fucking around’; terrible things that she wants to remedy with laughter that removes the fear. She’s imagining The Bell Jar written by Adrian Mole. Instead of spearheading the campaign though, Moran prefers to think she’s just clearing a space for people to speak without a fear of being bullied, or hurt, or feeling like a freak. Moran believes it’s important not to let yourself be defined by other peoples’ standards.

The Interview: Caitlin Moran: “And that’s why I’m running for Prime Minister”

She’s a woman after my own heart. Except for the cigarettes. And Obama. He’s hot, all right, just not hot enough for me to want to actually shag him. Michelle, otoh… I could go there, given the right circumstances.

But seriously, Moran wants to talk about all the shitty things we experience as human beings and wants to do so fearlessly and without inciting more fear. This is huge for me. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the heart killer. Fear is the body killer. And yet, fear can also motivate much-needed change. It’s a state of mind that I find deeply intriguing.

And to see someone working through that is something I find vastly admirable. ‘It’s important not to let yourself be defined by other peoples’ standards.’ Yes. This. Because when we let this happen, when we let ourselves be defined by other peoples’ standards, we’re buying into fear-based thinking. We’re shutting ourselves down, shutting down who we actually are, who we have the ability to evolve into, in favour of holding on to the unrealistic notion that if we are who others want us to be, we’ll be safe. We won’t ever be rejected. We will always be loved. And if your friend came to you with this attitude and laid it out for you that this was how she lived her life, you’d want to smack some sense into her, but we all succumb to this romantic notion of “toe the line, fall in with the status quo, and you are guaranteed to live happily ever after”. And it’s bullshit.

Whistleblowers. I love’m. Moran’s a whistleblower on our cultural perceptions and I love her for that.