NaPoWriMo Day 23 :: Unexpected Ritual

Unexpected Ritual

I found a heart on the sidewalk;
it was all tied up, bound and barely beating
I looked around to see who it belonged to
but there was no one
this lonely heart
I looked for a loose string,
something that would give way
but there was nothing

I sat down on the sidewalk
pulled a knife out of my bag
set to working on release
and nothing else existed
this heart became my world
cutting and releasing
unwrap, unwind, unbind

When the last string was cut
and pulled away, my breath stopped
I don’t know how long it was
that we stared at each other
the way those curls framed
your face in the summer sun
and how breathless we were
standing there facing each other,
our resonant hollowness, a living echo

I broke the spell,
looked down,
saw the knife in my hand
and all the broken bits of string
strewn about me;
everything came flooding back all at once
the tsunami of your memory
inundated my lungs

The heart was gone
you were gone
but I could breathe again
and I never felt freer.