NaPoWriMo Day 22 :: Fusion


disconsolate against the sky
the stars speak of the night
an eternal font of shadow
inconsolable stars
forgetting their own light

I once read that depression
is inwardly focused anger
and it took me a few heartbeats
before I agreed:
impotent, hopeless anger

the sun never asks for tribute
the sun never plays favourites
it’s the clouds that we get distracted by
forgetting that sometimes
a little darkness during the day
provides the perfect contrast
forgetting that sometimes
we need the rain
forgetting that sometimes
our bodies need relief from
the unabashed, self-contained,
ecstatic glory of the day star,
who is just being its beautiful self

our bodies can only stand so much brightness
and I think that weakness scares us from remembering
the totality of who we are, afraid
we would be too much for our own skin

so we exist in cloudy half-lives
angry and dispirited
trying desperately to remember