NaPoWriMo :: Day 11

Wet Love Notes

The world is becoming greener with each passing day, rains
bring solace among the pitter-pat drumbeat, blooms
bursting forth from barren branches, crocus pushing
up through the snow, and I know it’s been a long
cold awful winter, but the sun is returning, shedding
light on all the darkness we’ve gone through, coaxing
us outside ourselves, a distraction from the misery.
one of these days, it will be warm enough to walk
barefoot through the blades of grass, warm enough
to lie down upon the earth and let her cradle us.
I’ve been reading about the healing power of green,
how it breathes tranquility into the tension we hold
and if you have listened to the stories I’ve told, you’d know
I could use a little serenity in my day. I’ve paid my dues
this last trip around the wheel and I really feel I’ve made
good progress, so now it’s time to de-stress with a little
bit of heart chakra beauty in the form of infinite love notes
from Nature in the thousands of different shapes of leaves,
leaves my heart full of blossoms fluttering in echo to the
rhythm of the rain, the greening rain of spring.