NaPoWriMo :: Day 6


The sun hasn’t set yet and bewildering randomness
inserted itself into our conversation 35 times today
and each time it happens and every time it happens,
little knives stab at my heart and my throat constricts
with an unpronounceable slipknot heaviness underscoring
how alone I am in this
we’re not on the same wavelength; there is no unity between us,
only echoes and cacophony and ungrounded exhaustion and
there is nowhere to land. there is nowhere to land
I am floating through this epoch and I cannot breathe
I know what the other side looks like I know
where this story goes and how this story ends even though
nothing ever, ever turns out how I think it will… I find
courage in flowers pushing up through concrete and lotuses
spiraling upwards through the muck and darkness to breach
the surface and bloom I find strength in the persistence
of ivy and every time I see a hawk soaring on an updraft
I know that, at some point, I will be able to find solid ground again
The wind and the trees are breathing for me now.