NaPoWriMo :: Day 2

Móðr Mjøðr

Cher professeur —
J’ai rêvé de toi hier soir et je t’ai tutoyé…
C’était pas grâce à notre familiarité
C’était à cause d’un grand manque de respect.
I thought better of you
but the lesson you taught was that
slime mould can be of higher class.
I wish they’d sacked you.
Huginn ok Muninn
sow a slow seething of collected truths
…sannindi gathering into a singular seiðr
woven to wound
and it’s aimed at you but it only ever
backfires, since you’re the one
haunting my subconscious and I
guess this is what it means to
make poison to kill someone else and then
drink it myself, the only antidote for which
is forgiveness but anger needs to be driven to
exhaustion before I reach that state of mind.