NaPoWriMo/IntPoWriMo :: Day 1

a lesson in riding the waves

make yourself a board —
it’s hard to ride without portable
stability beneath you

the material doesn’t matter —
just something you can rely on

climb up on it and make it your home
hold on for dear life, if you need to. The only rules
are what you determine them to be.

leave room for possibility

be in your body
centre yourself
remember to breathe

try sitting up, legs dangling in the water
white-knuckle grip
thighs tensing with every approaching swell

don’t dwell on what’s to come
just breathe

as eddies wreathe themselves around you
don’t ask why things have to be this way
there is no why, there just is…
look up at the sky
feel your hips relax into the motion,
follow the board

loosen your grip
ride from your centre

this trip through time
is relentless contraction
and expansion
breathe in the experience

full body breath from your belly
relax your throat
feel the song spiral up from the
depths of the ocean beneath you
lotus blooming gifts listen to it for the first time,
singing as you course over the waves

forget feeling pulled under
forget feeling torn asunder
think only of being where your body is
hips open to the oscillations of current
events, relaxing into the ebb and flow
of what life throws at you

you’ve got your board beneath you
your breath, a mirror of collapse and creation,
a rendering of death and rebirth
all attention focused
on fulcrum potency

of the realization that your life on earth
is a living prayer of determination
and the memory of full-body fluidity

the lesson is in finding the balance point
as life unfolds around you, anointing you with
the salt of sea, sweat, and tears

and when you can find serenity in the midst of
the chaos of your fears

then you can stand.