Doing Readings

I had it thoroughly underscored for me this weekend at my chapbook launch that poetry is meant to be performed. Not just read or spoken, but performed. My poetry is, at least.

I think, in large part, that’s why so many people say that poetry is dead or is dying — performing it gives it life, imbues the words with emotion, brings nuance into relief that wasn’t apparent with silent text on paper.

And, for me, I discovered a sort of reciprocal enlivening when I read my works. It was the first time I’d ever gotten up in front of a large group and read my own material, outside of a couple of times in high school some 20 years ago. It left me feeling completely invigorated.


A big thank you goes out to Luciano Iacobelli and Lyricalmyrical Press for publishing my chapbook, Weaving Spirit, and for hosting the launch. I had a really lovely time and I’m so grateful for everyone who showed up to support those of us reading. Y’all are awesome. 🙂

And OMG, I only have 1 copy of my chapbook left! Wheeee! I wish I had enough cash to do a reprint.